Zimbabwe Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Is Dead | Is Morgan Tsvangirai Dead?

Zimbabwe Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Is Dead | Is Morgan Tsvangirai Dead?
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Zimbabwe Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Is Dead | Is Morgan Tsvangirai Dead?

This came in as a shocker to many Zimbabweans and Africans as a whole as one of Africans activate leader Deid at 65.

Morgan Tsvangirai, popular Zimbabwean opposition leader who fought Robert Mugabe’s regime for many years, finally died at the age of 65 after battling with cancer, a party official confirmed.

Morgan death on Wednesday’s night throws uncertainty over his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party less than three months after the army ousted 93-year-old Mugabe from the presidency seat.

Morgan Tsvangirai, who founded the MDC in 1999, was among the most prominent critics of Mugabe, the long-time authoritarian leader who was ousted from power in November. Elections are due within the next six (6) months and Tsvangirai’s death has now leaves his party in disarray, to the advantage of the ruling ZANU-PF party, now led by former Mugabe’s deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa. “It is sad for me to announce that we have lost our icon and fighter for democracy,” Elias Mudzuri, one of the vice-presidents of the MDC, said on Twitter. Mr Tsvangirai’s death was confirmed to The Telegraph by a family member.

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Mr Mugabe’s government detained him on numerous occasions over his vocal criticism of the regime. Security forces swooped on Mr Tsvangirai in 1989 after he bluntly warned about the rising tide of political repression in the country. The opposition leader also claimed to have been the target of four killing attempts – including one in 1997 in which he said attackers attempted to throw him out of his office window.

It’s official that Zimbabwe Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Is Dead at 65 years of age after long time battle of cancer disease. Though questions like, Is Morgan Tsvangirai Dead? Are still blowing the internet.

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