GT Coin Cryptocurrency, How To Earn GTCoin,  Price of GTCoin And GTCoin Benefits

GT Coin Cryptocurrency, How To Earn GTCoin,  Price of GTCoin And GTCoin Benefits
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GT Coin Cryptocurrency, How To Earn GTCoin,  Price of GTCoin And GTCoin Benefits.

The GT Coin cryptocurrency is led by David Dobson (Founder and CEO), Paul Dobson (Founder and COO), and Dr. Christopher Polis (Lead Crypto Management). Dobson has worked in the online gaming industry for the past 8 years, and he’s the founder of Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd, an online game based on a real cash economy.

The Guaranty Trust Bank (fondly referred to as GTBank or GTB), is one of the biggest banks in Nigeria, is reportedly dabbling into the cryptocurrency world. Tied to their *737# mobile services, they are distributing virtual coins referred to as GT coins as confirmed by several users of the service.

The coins are credited to users account every time a transaction is made using the *737# service. Many a user have been wondering what exactly is the point and use of the coins. The 737 service is one of the most extensive mobile banking services in the country and it seems they are aiming to make it even bigger with this new layer of functionality being added to the service.

The GT Coin cryptocurrency are reportedly still in a testing phase as they are distributed to customers every time they make a transaction using the *737# service. It is reported that the GTB is aiming to use the GT coins technology to facilitate business transactions rather than for personal use. This is not the GTBank’s first foray into crypto technology.

Below we have reviewed more about the GT Coin Cryptocurrency, how to earn GTCoin, Price of GTCoin, GTCoin Benefits and other great features of the coin.

GTCoin Features

>Safe and Secure: All Game Tester data is protected by 256 bit encryption

>Accessible Anywhere: You can access Game Tester wherever you are, including on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Game Tester has announced support for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox so far.Get Rewards: Get rewards in exchange for testing games.

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>Support Game Developers: You can get token-based rewards while also supporting game developers, leading to a healthier gaming ecosystem overall.

>Scalable: Game Tester aims to build a platform for millions of users. They’re targeting 100 million users by 2023. The platform is developed with scalability in mind using scalable code.

How to Earn GTCoins

Use your Naira MasterCard to pay in stores and online.Buy airtime, transfer funds and pay bills using *737# or our online banking channelsSet a standing instruction for your child’s SKS account.Fund your new or dormant account.

GTCoin Benefits

GTCoin benefits, aims to provide crucial benefits to gamers, developers, and hardware manufacturers. The platform, according to the official website, “addresses the need to reward gamers for their contribution to the development process of digital games.” It also provides a suite of tools where gamers can purchase games and gaming hardware without currency issues.

Here’s how each of the three parties to benefit from GTCoin:


>Earn monetary rewards for testing games

>Gamers can spend tokens on things they actually want, like games and hardware

>Gamers receive early access to new games

>Opportunity to give feedback to developers to help drive the gaming industry forward

>Prizes and rewards for regular users

>Exclusive access to global events

>GT Universal Login allows gamers to earn status rewards and track their use of games


>Developers can rapidly scale game use in a cost-effective way

>Developers can populate games with a ready-made audience of gamers upon release

>Ongoing feedback helps guide updates and expansions, helping developers fine-tune their product over time

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>Discover which gamers interact with a game the most (including gender, region, age, and other demographic data), and target game marketing and testing at the micro level.


>Get feedback on new releases

>Understand what products are most desired

>Sell product to global audiences

>Game testers handle all shipping and sales tax

>Run targeted promotions for hardware – like to 19 year old students in Vancouver or 45 year old Android users in Singapore.


Exclusive access to amazing giveaways, discounts and rewards.You can also use your GTCoins to buy airtime, pay for cable subscriptions and purchase discounted items online

GTCoin is an in-platform currency for a platform called Game Tester. Game Tester aims to provide benefits to gamers, developers, and hardware manufacturers. Developers can launch games on the platform to access a network of game testers. Gamers can test games in exchange for GTCoin tokens. GTCoin tokens can be spent on rewards – like games or hardware.

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