How To Pass Npower Physical Verification Exercise/Screening 4th to 14th December 2017

How To Pass Npower Physical Verification Exercise/Screening
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How To Pass Npower Physical Verification Exercise/Screening.

After all said and done in Npower so far this year, from the application to the test and the Npower Pre-selection in a tight race of getting 300,000 applicants from approximately 2,500,000 applications in the 2017 Npower program.

If you are looking for an easy way of being successful in the Npower physical verification screening 2017, then this is the right place to be.

Being successful candidate in the Npower physical verification exercises is the simplest part of the program and requires less efforts.

We have carefully written this post to answer the numerous questions Npower Pre-selected Candidates often asked, questions like..

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The above many questions have been answered in this post. Carefully take a glance through the post to get all the needful to be successful come 4th to 14th December, 2017.

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How To Pass Npower Physical Verification Exercise/Screening 2017.

To be successful in the 2017 Npower physical screening, candidates are required to follow the easy steps stated below, remember being pre-selected is not guarantee to be fully selected.

1. Candidates are to get all documents ready for the vericatition exercise, the required documents include:

i. Valid Means of Identification (Voters card or National I.D card)

ii. Back Print Of Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

iii. Local Government Identification Letter

iv. A Recent Passport Photograph

v. NYSC discharge letter/certificate (HND and only)

2. Make at least 5 photocopies of all your documents.

3. Go with enough passport photographs (8 copies is enough)

4. Keep all your documents in a secure file, damage may come due to overcrowded limited space.

5. You are advice to go with your SSCE Certificate and Primary School Leaving Certificate. Just keep them, Npower may request for it.

6. Adherence to instructions is a key, don’t be rude to the screening official. Any report they give is final.

7. Make sure you go with your personal writing pen.

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8. Never forget your lunch box, you may want to take some cash along for that.

If you have read this, then we like to say, congratulations. For any questions on the physical verification exercise in the Npower Volunteer scheme, you can drop it on the comment box, we shall give quick response.


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