Delsu Abraka Latest News: DELSU Abraka School Fees Deadline 2017/2018 Postponed

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Delsu Abraka Latest News: DELSU Abraka School Fees Deadline 2017/2018 Postponed

The Delta State University Abraka, through the Delsu News Bullentin, has recently released the school fees deadline of the 2017/2018 academic session. The payment deadline which was recently announced by authorities of the university, would take effect with payment of extra charges for late school fees payment in Delsu.

We have written this Delsu latest news post to give prospective students insight of the Abraka school fees deadline recently postponed from its first date in November 2017 and also, to be aware of the extra charges that may arise failure to meet school fees deadline in Delsu.

DELSU Abraka School Fees Deadline 2017/2018.

According to Delsu latest news on school fees recently published in Delsu Bullentin, the authorities has Postponed the Delsu Abtaka School Fees Deadline to Friday 22nd December, 2017. Any payment made after this date is considered as late payment.

NOTE: The late payment will be effective to Newly Admitted Students of the DELSU Released List and all Returning Students only.

DELSU School Fees Late Payment Additional Fee 2017/2018

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The authorities of the school has placed an importance and compulsory additional payment of about Eleven Thousand Naira (N11,000) to be paid by students who could not meet up with deadline day. By this post, as released in the Delsu Abraka Latest News, students are advised to pay earlier than the set payment deadline date.

Delsu Recent School Fees Payment 2017/2018

At the time of writing this Publication, the tuition/school fees of Delta State University Abraka is between the range of Fifty Five Thousand Naira to Sixty Thousand Naira  (N55,000 — N60,00) for Freshers (New Intakes), while Returning Students (Old Students) are paying between the range of Fifty Thousand Naira to Seventy Five Thousand Naira  (N50,000 — N75,000).

For some time, The Delta State University Abraka have been fluctuating the school fees payment with no stable amount. But students should take note of the payment range and always get updated with Delsu New Bulletin to see latest admission news in delsu as regard to school fees. The DELSU School Fees 2017/2018 payment differs in departments and Indigene and Non Indigene School Fees in Delsu.

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Delsu Departmental School Fees 2017/2018

Note that: Delsu school fees for Medicine and Surgery, Delsu school fees for Law, Delsu school fees for Pharmacy, Delsu school fees for Engineering and other professional courses may not have the same fee as other general departments.

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