4 Easy Ways to Improve Pupils Reading Ability As An Npower Volunteer.

4 Easy Ways to Improve Pupils Reading Ability As An Npower Volunteer. Kingsley odia
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4 Easy Ways to Improve Pupils Reading Ability As An Npower Volunteer.

I’m glad you are here to have a share of my blog. Basically, some Npower Volunteers finds it very difficult in dealing with their pupils to improve their reading ability, though teaching is a time consuming process and challenging, but care needs to be taken in dishing out the appropriate content to pupils in concern.

Most of these students have different reading ability and strength in knowledge consumption. Actually humans differs in lifestyle.

My name is KingsIey odia, I would like to share with you 4 Easy Ways to improve Pupil reading ability as an Npower Volunteer.

The following are the basic tips to get you started in dealing with pupils that are slow learners in your place of assignment.

  1. Group work– Engaging students in group work can really go a long way to improve their performance. This will definitely make each students contribute their thought and idea to an assigned work and always learn from others point of view. This may also bring competitiveness among students in different group.
  2. Combining average students to read together– Some students in a class are not as good as their colleagues The average students can be combined as one-head to read, reading and chorusing at the same time may involve all of them to work. Some of the students may not know the pronunciation of a particular spelling which other persons may know in the reading process. Example, “the boy goes to school”, maybe in a reading group of five pupils some of them may not know how to pronounce “goes” which others may know and fluent in the pronunciation and vice-visa. So reading together will really improve pupils reading ability.
  3. Assignment– Practical assignments that will subject the students to frequent reading must be given to them and they must be told the penalty of not reading it in subsequent class which is not necessary but must be used as a threat to put them to work.
  4. Teaching aids – Teaching aids must be used as a tool to improve learning, using things around them as an example will be necessary to impact quickly in them.
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By: Kingsley Odia


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