DELSU School Fees 2017/2018 | Delsu Tuition Fee Details at

DELSU Diploma School Fees 2017/2018 | DELSU Diploma Application 2017/2018 | DELSU Diploma Form Closing Date
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DELSU School Fees 2017/2018 | Delsu Tuition Fee Details at

This is to inform the general public especially candidates who had participated in the just concluded screening of the Post UTME for the 2017/2018 academy session asking how much is the tuition/school fees of Delta State University (DELSU), Abraka.

It is against this background that we deemed it fit to write this post so as to acquaint you with the real tuition/school fees of Delta State University (DELSU), Abraka.

The importance of this information cannot be over emphasized because it constitutes one of the factors you must consider before making your choice of institution/school.

Though they are several speculation regarding to the school fees in Delta State University Abraka, but we have kept up to dates all necessary information regarding the recent school fees as released by management of the institution.

Students have been asking “How much is Delsu school fees for 2017/18 session in the institution.

Delsu School Fees 2017/18 as Updated:

Delsu school fees for new intake is around N55,000, while returning students are to payment N65,000, though management may also see to some changes in the Delta State University Abraka school fees.

With this latest updates we can stop asking “How much is delsu school fees for 2017/18 and focus on getting the money to pay, having a clue already.

Methods of Payment

The university accepts payments by cash, check, money order, or VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit cards. Payments can also be made online by visiting the official website of the to get payment details. Students with financial aid (loans, grants or scholarships) may apply those funds to payment plan installments.

There are special fees that may be charged which are not included in the total cost of attending the university. These fees are payable upon entrance into the university. These special fees include but are not limited to: audit fee, graduation fee, late registration fee, private music lessons, and transcript of credits.
Students may receive refunds of fees whenever circumstances warrant such a refund.   The effective date of withdrawal for refund purposes and the return of Federal Financial Aid funds is the date on which the student begins the official withdrawal process. For unofficial withdrawals, the date becomes the mid-point of the semester, unless the university can document a later date of attendance. A notice of withdrawal, cancellation, and request for refund by a student must be made in writing addressed to the University Registrar, with a copy filed with Student Business Services. Any refund due the student at the time of withdrawal will be processed by Student Business Services within three weeks.
Unearned Title IV loan or grant funds must be returned to the Title IV programs upon a recipient’s withdrawal from school at any time during the first 60% of the semester. Refunds for these students are made according to the Higher Education Amendments, Section 484B, and are based on the number of calendar days for each semester. If a student withdraws after completing more than 60% of the semester, it is assumed that the student earned 100% of the Title IV aid for the period.
All refunds are made in the following priority order:
1.      Unsubsidized Loan
2.      Subsidized Loan
3.      Perkins Loan
4.      PLUS Loan
5.      Pell Grant
6.      SEOG Grant
7.      Other Sources of Funds
When Delta State University’s Financial Assistance Department applies Title IV funds to a student’s account and Delta State University’s Student Business Services (SBS) determines that the amount of the funds exceeds allowable charges that the university assessed the student, Delta State must pay the credit balance directly to the student or parent borrower as soon as possible, but no later than the 14-day deadline described below. The only exception is when the school has on file in SBS the student’s permission to hold a credit balance.
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