How to Transfer Money from First Bank to First Bank and Other Banks – First Bank USSD Code

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How to transfer money from First Bank account to First bank and others has never been easy until the introduction of Internet banking which paved the way for other related services that grants 24 /7 access to banking services online to carry out banking transactions without visiting the bank. One of such service is the Fiirs Bank USSD Short code.

We’re  in First Bank era where the *894# code can now do more than just buy airtime credits. Money transfer to First bank and other banks is now possible without Internet access.

Withdrawal from Agent locations, payment of bills, funding of first monie accounts and more are now possible just by dialing the short code.

How to transfer money – First bank to First Bank and other Banks without Internet

  • Ensure you have enough Balance in your account to make the transfer and dial *894*amount*Account number# and selectDestination bank to send money.
  • The account name you’re transferring money to will be displayed for verification purpose.
  • You will be required to enter your 4 Digit ATM Card PIN if this is your first transaction and also create a 5-digit code that will be used to complete transfers.
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NOTE: The code must be dialed from the Phone number linked with your First bank Account. (The number you receive transaction SMS alerts on)

The first bank USSD Transfer option is now as easy as other banks transfer codes I’ve used.
Users of First bank who don’t use a smartphone, don’t data or can’t go to the bank especially on weekends like this, you have no option than to use the First Bank USSD code for transfers.

Alternatively, you can choose to download the First Bank Mobile Application, get registered by entering your ATM Card details to link your account with the App but transfers will require that you obtain a hardware from first bank branch or use soft-token (SMS codes) which sets a 200,000 limit on daily transactions.

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Direct questions on this subject matter or complaints can be Directed to First bank customer care:
FIRST CONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000
or email

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