I’m a P@rn Star Not a Pr@stitute

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My name is Cynthia, I’m from somewhere in Africa. I had I very tough time after the death of my both parents as a teenager.

Uncles and Aunts disappeared after the death of my parents, I was the only surviving child of my parents, all I needed in life was for myself only.

I had a very hard time growing up, living in street, and hustling around to get food for each day.

I was influenced by friends to start pr@stitution, but I felt, I needed something bigger and better.

Not long after, I met a guy nicknamed Zee, he later introduced me to the P@rn world and showed me great offer and the fame inside. I had no other choice than joining the industry to make good money for myself and to also help the society to the best of my ability.

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I have been a p@rn star for couple of years now, making money and touching lives of people around me. Am now a movie star and very popular in the porn industry.

Some person’s believes that female p@rn star are Pr@stitute, to me, it’s a blunt No.

Pr@stitutes are local girls, getting small pay from countless of s3xual act in a controlled and secrete environment. Most Pr@stitutes are not exposed and known in the social environment, they work behind closed doors.

We are star and we get paid from acting movies, like other movie stars in other movie industries.

I have huge number of fans and many are following me in my social media pages, I sign autograph for fans and other people across street, unlike public Prostitutes.

I have appeared many times on TV shows and Magazines, different Bloggers writes Articles and Publications about me, unlike the Pr@stitutes that works behind closed doors and not known.

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am I really a Pr@stitute?

BY: Kingsley Odia

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