I Prefer The Pr@stitute To My Wedded Wife

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My name is Frank Brown, a professional Engineer; I initially never had the thought of sleeping with a pr@stitute, because I was married to a beautiful wife, Anita,  for a decade now, we were living happily after we got married for the first and second year of our marriage.

We had two wonderful kids, a boy and a girl, Frank Jr. and Annabel respectively.

Things became very difficult when I was faced with problems at my work place, after the struggle for long I was finally dropped, then the situation became tougher.

My wife’s behaviour was drastically changed towards me, as I could not provide for the family.

She never listens to me, unlike before when I was the bread winner in the family. My wife later got a Job and she was taking care of most of the financial needs in the family.

I finally lost my right over her in our s3x life. I was being treated like an outcast by her each time I come close to her in our matrimonial bed. She had always claimed tiredness every night I tried to come close to Anita my wedded wife.

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One rainy night, the weather was so cold and I tried touching her, she neither responded nor reciprocated. I became very tired and I was very faithful to my wife.

I began doing odd Jobs just to get some money to support part of my family and for my personal use.

One evening decided to set out for a public drinking spot, far from my home. The drinking spot had s3x workers around, hustling and making money for themselves from pr@stitution.

Where I was sitting at the drinking spot having a bottle of beer I felt touch by a beautiful lady standing behind me. I was cold at the same time felt warm by the touch. I asked the bar man to give her a drink, then she sat close to me and both of us consumed couples of bottles.

I became tipsy and I felt very comfortable with the lady around me. The s3x worker felt comfortable also as she asked me into her room, I was given a good ride by the prostitute without asking for money from me. I have never felt like that for long. She became my favourite. Any time I needed s3x she give me for free, I never disturbed my wife again.

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I was later recalled at work and started big again; I became stuck with the pr@stitute and lost feelings for my wife. Though, I was still providing for my home, and taking good care of my wife and the two kids.

Was I wrong to have lost feelings for my wife?

BY: Kingsley Odia

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