Pastor Defrauding People Caught With Scary Charms And Bibles (Photos)

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A fraudster who has been Defrauding people and lying to them that they have won money and that they would receive through Zoona ( a financial institution in Zambia) has been arrested.

The man was apprehended after he attempted to dupe a Lusaka resident yesterday by telling him that he had won money and that he would be paid through Zoona.

A Police officer at Lusaka Central has disclosed that after the suspect, whose real identity has been concealed for fear of jeopardizing investigations, was apprehended following an alert by a Lusaka businessman Mwaba Mutale. He led the police anti-robbery squad to a house where a number of weapons, as well as charms and bibles were found.

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“The suspect told us to what they consider with his friends their safe house and there we found a lot of charms and bibles as well as passports, NRC and pictures of various people. They even marked certain photos XXX and there are lots of fake dollars we have recovered,” the Police source reveals.

The Police officer says there is possibility that the suspect is involved in killings that have in the past characterized Lusaka and some parts of the country adding that, when all the information is gathered following a thorough investigation, the Police through its spokesperson will update the public.


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