Lust and Love: I rather be His Love-Peddler than your Wife-(Part II)

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Becky could not control her emotional feelings for Kevin; she had collected Kevin’s number during her outing at the local drinking spot.

Kevin was also having a strong feeling for Becky, but he was confused and scared to tell her, because he felt stereotyped based on his poor condition.

Kevin had a small room where he stays. A very small room with a lots of Paintings hung around the wall, Books, with some Magazines.

Frank was noticing changes in Becky’s response to him, as he was sacrificing everything within his reach to make Becky happy. Becky had seen something new and different in Kevin, with great emotional feelings and drive toward him.

Becky requested to visit Kevin in his house, but Kevin was scared of Becky’s comforts in his poor apartment. Kelvin had tried to turn her down from coming, but Becky insisted.

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Becky was madly emotional, when she arrived Kevin’s house, with full expression of her feelings for Kevin; Kevin had tried to hide his feelings, but could not. Words would have been too hard to say, rather, Becky and Kevin worked out their feelings in practical display. They both Kissed and Hug; Kevin’s heart was beating heavily, while Becky was calm and felt very comfortable as they held each others in Kiss for almost half an hour.

A twist in mind has occurred as Becky was no longer comfortable with Frank. Both Becky’s and Frank’s family had tried to work out a good union for the both; Becky was not ready to listen, as all her attention had being shifted to Kelvin.

Becky finally opened up to Frank and both families, of her feeling with someone else. A poor street boy, the name remain untold to both families.

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Frank had fought tooth and nail to nail the poor guy……

To be Continued…….. watch out for part 3

BY: Kingsley Odia

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