Lust and Love: I rather be His Love-Peddler than your Wife

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Story About Lust and Love:

Becky was a  beautiful lady full of life, energetic and clever with good sense of humour and living a contemporary style of life. She has tasted the beauty of life. Becky always travels in First Class across states and countries.

Becky’s family had a good relationship with another young man’s family, ‘Frank’. Frank had met with Becky several times during families’ dinner, flying First Class, Cinemas and Shopping Malls.

Both families’ were always in talk of union between Becky and Frank. Frank had been so involved in the relationship and wanted nothing else but Becky.

Becky was really tired of living the First Class life and wanted something different; she has watch different movies of young people living ordinary and very free.

Becky was tired of entry Frank’s Lamborghini and the classy life of driving off to get Ice-cream, buying Chocolates and Shopping big. Becky wanted an ordinary life; she just wants to be like those girls in street, Entry public transport, Buying food along road and going to local spot to get drink and dance to Hip-pop Music, unlike the dinner life where Jazz and Country Music were played during dinner.

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It was weekend and Becky left without letting Frank’s know her whereabouts. She got into a Drinking spot and the Music was hitting so high and hard, she spotted all seats and needed a good place to be comfortable. Almost all the seat where occupied with boys and girls, with many jumping around to the beat, while some where dancing, with few people sitting and still nodding heads.

Kevin, was a young man with neat haircut and Beard on his face, neatly shaved. Kevin was wearing an African wood made beads around his neck and wrist, and was wearing a White T-shirt in Blue Jean. He looks very natural with a touch of true African in him. Kevin was alone drinking a bottle of Beer directly from the bottle; he quickly noticed the look in a face of a Church Girl, just gazing around as he took up his hand to have a sip from the bottle.

Kevin gently walked down to Becky.” Hey! You may join me in my table, I’m alone. Oh sorry I’m Kevin what’s the name” Becky smiled as reply to Kevin and was lost in the moment. She felt it was the first touch from a real human, as Kevin took her hand and walked her down to a seat.

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Becky has not tasted Alcohol before, she needed something different from her usual, and asked for a bottle Beer. The waiter brought a glass cup to her but she insisted to drink from the bottle like Kevin.

Becky consumed two bottles of Beer and was tipsy, she dance and had fun.

Becky fell in love with Kevin ordinarily without Kevin making any moves or attempt at first sight.

To be Continued….. Watch-out for Part 2

BY: Kingsley Odia

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