Faulty Education in Nigeria- Kingsley Odia

Kingsley Odia
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Education can be referred to, as learning and acquisition of skills for the betterment of mankind and development to the society. Is the topmost priority of any developing and developed nation around the globe, education is regarded as one of the best investment in man’s life.

Adequate education of any kind can eradicate illiteracy from a society, that might have the tendency of causing huge damage in the society directly or indirectly. Education may also be the source of poverty alleviation to some extent.

In the last three to four decades in Nigeria, education was seen as the best legacy to the brim, though till date to some very few persons, then graduates were treated very special with good job opportunities around the country. Then even the poor farmers in villages struggle to send their wards to school to attain the best of education at its highest point, being a means of self actualization and society development.

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In recent years people took to education as a bases of leaving a fulfilled life in the society and eliminating the word “illiterate” from oneself. Due to bad Governmental policies and faulty structures of sustaining the education system in Nigeria, students have turned to looking for short cut to make Money, as there are still graduates hustling around street of Nigeria doing odd jobs, in reverse to what was the aim of attaining at degree from their respective discipline of study.

Fraud has been the most practice act around in the tertiary institutions of the country. Some of the reason of fraud still boils-down to the inadequate provision of jobs by Government of Nigeria.
The issue of fraud has brought nothing good, but blacklisting the nature as fraudsters to some international communities around the world.

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Lastly, Government of Nigeria must put in place measure to fight the issue of unemployment to the fullest, and this may curb fraud activities in Nigeria.

By: Kingsley Odia

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