Effect of social media on Nigeria students

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Nigeria students prefer spending more time on social media, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedIn, Whatsapp, Telegram etc, than studying, unlike their counterparts outside the shores of the country.

Though, the internet has a lot of materials ranging from, audios, videos and soft copy that enable studies, even from the social media. But concern have been shifted and placed more on posting and commenting on irrelevant posts, social media arguments, celebrity talk, watching jokes all day and other adult related materials. This influence by the social media has been spread widely to teenagers in our society

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The social media is a community for communication, sharing photos and most importantly learning.

This menace must be curtailed to avoid total damage of our mind, and further influence to younger once. Individuals must work hard in self discipline to stop this full time social life. Except for those using the social media as a tool for information sharing and source of money generation, like the Bloggers and other users of the social media field.

To be continued…..

Kingsley odia


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